I am a Life Coach, Speaker, Licensed Massage Therapist and the proud mother of an incredibly fun, wise and beautiful 3 yr. old girl named Lucy. Here is a bit more about me and how I came to discover my passions.

After graduating college with a business degree in 1993, I spent the next 13 years as an accountant. In 2006, towards the end of my tenure in the corporate world, I felt extremely restless, irritable and absolutely bored with myself. The life I had built no longer fit me and I was literally aching for change.  I longed to get out from behind my desk and work one-on-one with people in a nurturing and healing capacity. "Coincidentally", around that same time, my Life Coach suggested I incorporate massage into my self-care plan. The rest, shall we say, is history. 

I continued working with my coach, Dr. Debra Reble, as I launched my new career. She helped guide me through that period of change as well as a number of other major life transitions in the years to follow. It was through working with her that I learned how to recognize and release destructive and limiting behavior patterns that kept me stuck and caused needless suffering for myself and the people I loved. I learned just why and how to access my higher self for guidance and wisdom while letting go of the need for outside validation. I learned to surrender to things out of my control and release judgment of myself and others so that I could love more deeply. I learned that love is not saying yes to other people's needs at the expense of my own and that it really is okay if there are some people in my life that just don't understand me. However, the most important thing I learned in working with Debra is how to align with source, tune in to my own guidance system and follow my heart, even when it seems to defy logic

As a massage therapist, it didn't take me long to realize that by manually and energetically releasing my clients aches and pains, I was often just treating the symptoms of much bigger issues. It's undeniably true that when we suppress our emotions, stifle our creativity, feel trapped, alone, taken advantage of, unwilling to forgive, shameful or angry, we feel it in our physical body. When left unchecked, it manifests as physical symptoms (i.e. dis-ease) which is simply our body's way of waking us up. It starts as a whisper, and when ignored, gets louder and louder until it becomes life-altering. Experiencing these truths with my clients launched my desire to extend my care for others beyond bodywork and become a Coach.

Just like you, I've had my share of pain and struggles. Most notably for me..my mother's debilitating illness, depression, social anxiety, infertility, the death of my father, financial troubles and most recently, divorce and becoming a single mom. A tremendous amount of self-work has been required to get through it. As painful as it has been at times, the path I've taken has given me so much more depth and has resulted in a richer, more fulfilling life. I am in awe of the way life has caused me to expand and thrive in ways I never dreamed..and it just keeps getting better and better. I've grown more fully into myself than I've ever been, and as life continues to challenge and often bewilder me, I know I have a solid foundation that I can stand on..a rock-solid, loving relationship with myself that never fails me. It's amazing how magical life can be when we let go of the reigns a little, connect to our source and trust. 

To be truly alive is to always be peeling away that proverbial onion, and in that regard, I am a bonafide work-in-progress! However, I do know that the invaluable things I've learned on my journey, (and continue to learn every day) coupled with my desire to help others overcome their challenges and live in alignment with their passion and purpose has placed me squarely on the path to coaching and massage therapy and it is rewarding beyond measure. 

We cannot deny that as human beings, we need each other. My growth thus far would have never been realized without the help of my Life Coach and my willingness to put in the work. I've been able to create my life on my terms, with joy and love, in alignment with my soul's journey. I wish that for you and I would be honored to be a part of your support team.