​​Are You Ready For Coaching?

​Only you can answer that, but here are 8 telltale signs that you are

ready for change and could benefit from working with a coach:

  1. You want to create more balance in your life.
  2. You would like to examine your habits and beliefs and learn what is serving you  and what you need to let go of.
  3. You want greater clarity, direction and focus.
  4. You know within yourself there is untapped potential to make real and positive changes.
  5. You get the sense that you are not living the life you were meant to live.   
  6. You have visions of what you want your life to look like but are having trouble moving forward.
  7. You feel you are at a crossroads and you're tired of choosing out of safety and fear.
  8. You often wonder what a more fearless version of you would look like!

If this sounds like you, consider reaching out to me. We'll talk, see if there's a good fit and take it from there!