"Lisa is an inspirational life coach who has helped me completely transform my life for the better. I simply cannot overstate the positive effects Lisa has had on my life. I feel vulnerable saying this, but I will anyway: working on myself with Lisa as my life coach is giving meaning back to my life. With Lisa, I have learned to observe my own thought processes, to recognize when I am preventing myself from enjoying all the wonderful things in my life. By working on concrete strategies for changing my behaviors, I am finding peace in my daily routine and have more time than ever to enjoy my hobbies and spend time with the ones I love. By identifying the root of my problems and working through them, Lisa has helped me enjoy life more, be less hard on myself and the ones around me, and love each and every moment of every day. Lisa has been there every step of the way..helping me understand why I do the things I do, coming up with concrete plans to leave behind what isn't serving me and embracing what does, and checking in to see how I am doing. I am just so grateful for it all.

As people, our inclination often is to think that admitting we have issues is weakness, and that getting help means we are pathetic. Neither of these things are true. In our busy lives, we could all use help to live better, be less stressed, and be more joyful. I'm so glad I found Lisa!"

     -Haoqi Z. 

"WOW is all I can say about this woman!...I am about to finish up my last session of life coaching and have to say that it has really helped me jump start a much needed change in my life! Lisa understands struggle and has been in all of our shoes before. You can tell her ANYTHING and not feel embarassed or worried that she will judge you. After finally spilling the beans to her about what was really standing in my way, I was able to really free myself. She offered wonderful techniques, literature, and audio/visual references to help me understand why I felt certain ways and how I could rise up and become better. 

Lisa really cares about her clients. She is not what I would expect a "normal" coach to be like. There is only good vibes in the room. I am looking forward to my last scheduled session with her next week and will be booking another package very soon. Thank YOU, Lisa for everything you do!"

​Meagan P.


​​"What a great massage I received from Lisa today. This is a needle in a haystack,  love finding these gems!! To get started the location is great and easy parking in a parking lot! So it just starts stress free.  Lisa's suite is welcoming, clean and relaxing. Lisa does a thorough check-in with you to ensure she knows what you are looking for in terms of your massage. Now, the massage, great!!

Lisa is a strong person and was able to really put some tough pressure on the areas where I had some knots. She really did a great job overall and I am happy to have found her and her business, will be back for sure. 

Thanks Lisa!"

   - Susan M. 

"Hold the phone, this is some serious good massage.

I have chronic pain, and massage really helps mobilize certain joints and overall just makes me feel better. Lisa heard me out in terms of objectives, did a fantastic job, especially with regards to pressure, and paid special attention to my problem areas. 

But wait, there's more! She busted out a hot stone and warm towels because heat helps relax the muscles and overall just feel great. 

In summary: Money well spent."

   - Jon M.

"I heard about Lisa through Groupon. I wanted a deep tissue massage and it was great. She was very attentive about the amount of pressure she used. The massage was very relaxing and I was very confident in her abilities. She uses aromatherapy scents which made the massage very comfortable. She also uses hot stones and a heating pad. Overall, I was very happy with the service I received and am very thankful. I would not hesitate to recommend her, in fact, I'll probably have my husband see her for a deep tissue massage as well in the future. There is ample parking so no worries about street parking. She also has specials so I would inquire about that is you are interested." 

Shiela K.